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Browse the contents of XVIII IGC (1997) Manitoba & Saskatchewan:

Session 1: Conservation, Evaluation and Utilization of Plant Resources
Session 2: Animal Intake and Grazing Systems
Session 3: Conservation, Evaluation and Utilization of Plant Resources
Session 4: Conventional and Novel Methodologies for Plant Improvement
Session 5: Foraging Strategies
Session 6: Agroforestry
Session 7: Plant Physiology and Growth
Session 8: Tannins: Plant Breeding and Animal Effects
Session 9: Climate Change: Implication and Role of Grasslands
Session 10: Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
Session 11: Constraints and Animal Production From Forages and Grasslands
Session 12: Biodiversity
Session 13: Constraints on Forage and Grassland Production
Session 14: Post-Harvest Management
Session 15: Extensification with Grasslands
Session 16: Forages for Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation
Session 17: Forage Quality
Session 18: Communal Grazing Lands
Session 19: Forages in Cropping Systems
Session 20: Nutrient Cycling
Session 21: Temperate and Tropical Native Grasslands
Session 22: Forage and Grassland Management
Session 23: Grasslands in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions
Session 24: Technology Transfer
Session 25: Seed Production and Management: Temperate
Session 26: Grazing Systems Ecology
Session 27: Integration of Environmental and Agricultural Policy
Session 28: Seed Production and Management: Tropical
Session 29: Grazing Management
Session 30: Social and Economic Aspects of Grasslands