About Statement

UKnowledge is a digital collection of unique scholarship created by University of Kentucky faculty, staff, students, departments, research centers, and administration. More information about UKnowledge is available from this guide. The ISSN for UKnowledge is 2476-2350.

UKnowledge also serves as a free online resource for people who are looking for information on a variety of topics. Click here to see what people have to say about UKnowledge.

Why Contribute

  • Accessible to researchers worldwide
  • Author’s works in one place
  • Increased citations; usage tracked
  • Long term preservation
  • Materials easily discovered via Google, Google Scholar
  • Stable, durable URL so deposited material can be found—no broken links

Types of materials housed in UKnowledge include:

  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers and proceedings
  • Conference presentations
  • Research papers
  • Technical reports
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Multimedia
  • Book chapters
  • Data sets

Supported File Types

UKnowledge recommends particular file types to increase the chances of safely migrating files in the future. The main papers are all in PDF. Word and RTF files are converted to PDF when they are imported into the repository.

We recommend the following formats as most likely to migrate successfully.

  • Images: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Audio: AIFF, MP3 “unprotected” (DRM-free) AAC, WAVE
  • Video: MPEG, QuickTime
  • Data: XML, Comma-separated values

Other formats may be included for supplementary materials, but are less likely to be migrated when technology changes.

When we migrate to new formats, we will change the format of a file, but not the information in it. For example, the repository managers will not update hyperlinks, other external references, or out-of-date information within a paper or supplementary file.

For more information consult Frequently Asked Questions