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The University of Kentucky Libraries partners with different parties in the UK community to publish open access journals. We provide editors with custom-designed journal sites and an efficient online publishing system to streamline the editorial process. UK Libraries-hosted journals (shown below) have high online visibility thanks to search engine optimization, and authors receive monthly reports of download counts of their articles. Additionally, UK Libraries undertakes the long-term preservation of the published contents to ensure perpetual access to them in the future. Editors of UK-based journals are welcome to contact UK Libraries to explore opportunities for collaboration.

disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory (Social Theory)

ISSN 1055-6133

We are now accepting submissions for Volume 27 of disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory. The theme is Archives. See the Call for Papers for details.

disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory is an annual thematic publication dedicated to investigating and stimulating interest in new directions in contemporary social theory. Volume 25, published in Spring 2016, explores the theme Transnational Lives and features the work of scholars and artists working across a variety of media and theoretical perspectives.

In Fall 2016, disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory became a No-Fee Open Access Journal. This means that the journal is freely available, allows the largely unrestricted use of its content, and does not charge publication fees. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (CC-BY-NC 4.0), meaning that interested parties are free to share and adapt published work, so long as they give appropriate credit to the author and the journal, indicate what changes were made (if any), and agree to not make commercial use of the work. This license is also retroactively applied to all content previously published by disClosure.

disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory - Volume 25, Transnational Lives

Ex-Patt Magazine (Patterson School of Diplomacy & International Commerce)

ISSN 2475-5583

Welcome to Ex-Patt Magazine, an international affairs journal by the students of the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce!

Visit this page for information about submitting articles to Ex-Patt Magazine.

Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research (Center for Public Health Systems and Services Research)

ISSN 2169-1584

NOTE: Frontiers in PHSSR will not longer be accepting submissions or publishing issues of the online journal. Archives of previous issues may be found via the left hand side navigation menu.

The Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research on-line publication is no longer receiving financial support and has ceased operations. If this status changes, a notice will be posted on this webpage. Please send any questions to

While active, Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research featured peer-reviewed articles that offered brief descriptions of preliminary findings from empirical studies or quality improvement projects that answered a question of importance regarding the organization, financing, and/or delivery of public health services; the structure, operation, and/or management of public health delivery systems; the application of quality improvement methods in public health settings; and/or the impact of these endeavors on population health. Frontiers was intended to provide quick access to actionable public health infrastructure research to improve public health practice at the state or local level. It is of use to practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.

Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems Research is still a Gold-Level Open Access (Gold OA) journal. The archived articles are universally and permanently available, and there is no cost to readers or institutions.

Greater Faculties: A Review of Teaching and Learning (Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching)

ISSN 2575-6346

Greater Faculties: A Review of Teaching and Learning is an annual publication of the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) at the University of Kentucky. It serves as an anthology of the essays that CELT publishes periodically during each academic year. These essays, solicited and reviewed by the editorial staff, intentionally bridge the gap between the scholarship of teaching and learning and popular writing for a broad audience. They showcase the contributions and insights of faculty and instructors in order to foster a culture of teaching excellence and contribute to the discourse on teaching and learning in higher education.

For more information about CELT, visit us at

Kaleidoscope (The Office of Undergraduate Research)

ISSN 2169-3706

Kaleidoscope, the University of Kentucky Journal Of Undergraduate Scholarship, is a refereed online journal published annually by The Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Kentucky. The journal promotes the advancement of knowledge by publishing reports of the unique experiential endeavors of undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky. The journal accepts reports of all forms of creativity and scholarship by undergraduate students including, but not necessarily limited to: artistic and musical creations; creative writing and poetry; and reports of studies and search in the humanities, the social, natural, and medical sciences, agriculture, business, architecture, and engineering.

Kaleidoscope ceased publication in 2014.

Kentucky Journal of Higher Education Policy and Practice (College of Education)

ISSN 2164-5140

The Kentucky Journal of Higher Education Policy and Practice (KJHEPP) is a scholarly research and practitioner-oriented online open access publication. KJHEPP provides a forum for regional, national, and international scholarship examining issues related to higher education practice, policy, law, and research. The Kentucky Journal of Higher Education Policy and Practice includes original submissions from college and university faculty, administrators, professionals, and emerging scholars.

Kentucky Law Journal (Law Journals)

ISSN 0023-026X

The Kentucky Law Journal is the tenth oldest continually-published law review in the nation. Publication has been continuous since 1913. The Journal publishes four annual issues in print as well as online original articles and notes. The Journal is edited by a student editorial board, with guidance from a faculty advisor. Each issue contains articles written by prominent national scholars and notes written by Journal members that encompass a broad range of legal topics.

The Journal’s primary commitment is to publish scholarly articles of interest to the legal community. In this pursuit, the Journal serves as an integral element in the process of education for the best students at the College of Law by training said students in the finest form of legal research and writing. The Journal also affords said students opportunities for collaboration, and by publishing student works, the Journal also functions as an elegant forum for student ideas and activism. Beyond the College of Law, the Journal serves the legal and academic community as an arena for vigorous debate about the law.

Nomenclatura: aproximaciones a los estudios hispánicos (Hispanic Studies)

ISSN 2160-178X

Nomenclatura: aproximaciones a los estudios hispánicos is an annual online, peer-reviewed, and indexed academic journal dedicated to interdisciplinary scholarship on the literary and cultural traditions of the Hispanic world. The journal is a graduate-student production of the Department of Hispanic Studies at the University of Kentucky and publishes original research in both English and Spanish on diverse aspects of the Hispanic world, ranging from the medieval period to the present.

Nomenclatura: aproximaciones a los estudios hispánicos is indexed by MLA Directory of Periodicals and Academic Search Ultimate.

The Kentucky Review (University of Kentucky Libraries)

ISSN 0191-1030 (print)

The Kentucky Review was a refereed journal published by the University of Kentucky Library Associates twice per volume. It ceased publication in 2003.

The VAD Journal (Heart & Vascular)

ISSN 2378-2706

The VAD Journal is a multidisciplinary forum for all subspecialties in the field of mechanical assisted circulation and advanced heart failure. It is created with the purpose of enabling rapid dissemination of swift and unbiased reviews of new findings and ideas for all interested parties.

Articles published from 2014 to 2018 are listed below.

  • Dear Colleagues, Readers and Authors
  • Volume 3, 2017

    Original Research
    Case Reports

    Volume 2, 2016

    Original Research
    Case Reports
    Letter to the Editor

    Volume 1, 2014/15

    Original Research
    Case Reports
    Industry Updates