Aims & Scope

The Journal of Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences (JPNS) is a University of Kentucky College of Medicine, department-specific journal, predominantly led by students. Launched in 2023, JPNS provides students with a unique medium to express scientific thought and discovery through publications focused on original research, review articles, technical reports, case reports, and editorials and opinion pieces. While serving as a platform to showcase the work of our emerging scholars, JPNS also seeks to train students to professionally critique biomedical literature submitted for publication.The journal is edited by graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, invited alumni editors, and faculty affiliated with the Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

Themes of JPNS follow alongside the disciplines and research areas within the department. Students are responsible for all aspects of the journal, from the solicitation and review of manuscripts, to correspondence, publicity, and distribution.

Articles may be submitted throughout the year and are reviewed by a panel composed of faculty and students within the department.

Those who should submit to the JPNS include those who:

  • want their articles to receive quality reviews and efficient production
  • want to their articles to receive free distribution
  • want or need their articles to be open access