Aims & Scope

About This Journal

Progress in Scale Modeling, an International Journal (PSMIJ) is a scholarly journal publishing new experimental, numerical and theoretical results of scale modeling. PSMIJ provides an open forum for sharing ideas and for discussing current challenges and progress by researchers and users of scale modeling.

In the age of high-speed computation, scale modeling can play a unique role in validating the predictions and assumptions made in these computations. The complementary relationship between scale and numerical modeling provides researchers with more effective approaches to explore root causes or origins of problems, control mechanisms and hypotheses. Scale modeling with computational modeling can accomplish what is not possible if these tools were applied in isolation.

Articles on scale modeling including scaling laws, scaled-down or scaled-up experiments and the use of scale modeling to validate numerical modeling have been published in journals in multi-disciplinary fields. PSMIJ provides a unified open forum for communication among many different scale modeling researchers.

Subject Fields

Because scale modeling and scaling have been used in broad areas of science and engineering, even social science, the scope of PSMIJ includes but is not limited to:

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Meteorology, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, etc.);
  • Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Mining, Agricultural, Aerospace, Production, Materials, etc.);
  • Architecture and Design;
  • .... and others
We encourage potential contributors on PSMIJ to follow the following guideline upon submission
  • Experimental studies shall include the scaling laws and methods or approaches used for their validation.
  • Computational studies shall include the validation of the numerical results either by scale modelling or full-scale experiments.
  • Theoretical studies shall include the development of new scaling laws, or new methods of deriving scaling laws, or new interpretations of relationships between scale models and full-scale phenomena, or other worthy, useful contributions.

Categories of Publication

PSMIJ offers three options for publication: (1) regular articles, (2) review articles, and (3) rapid communications. All of these articles will be vetted through peer review before acceptance for publication. Both regular and review articles have no page limitation, while rapid communications shall be less than or equal to six (6) printed pages.

Questions can be sent to the journal by email.


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