Welcome to PSMIJ

Message from Editor-in-Chief

Kozo Saito

Editor-in-Chief of Progress in Scale Modeling, an International Journal
Chair, International Scale Modeling Committee
Director, Institute of Research for Technology Development (IR4TD)
Professor in Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky, United States

On behalf of PSMIJ’s editorial team, I am very pleased to introduce this new journal to you and would like to invite you to submit your study results on scale modeling to us. PSMIJ is based on UKnowledge, the University of Kentucky’s institutional repository. We would like to offer scholars, researchers, and students an opportunity to share their progress in scale modeling in broader fields of interest for the benefit of society, scholarship and humanity. We believe that information and results created by research and education belong to the public for the greater good purposes.

Why Scale Modeling?

Scale modeling involves the use of physical models of sizes either smaller or larger than that of full-scale systems to conduct experiments for the purposes of testing and validating scaling laws, and then to use the validated scaling laws in various applications.

The International Scale Modeling Committee (hereinafter the “ISMC”) chaired by the late Professor Ichiro Emori at Seikei University Japan created the First International Symposium on Scale Modeling in 1988 under the sponsorship of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. That symposium was an overwhelming success and led to a continuation of the symposium. The second symposium was held in Lexington, Kentucky, the third in Nagoya, Japan, and the fourth in Cleveland, Ohio at the NASA Glenn Research Center. By the time of the 5th symposium in Chiba, Japan in 2006, attendees of the symposia requested ISMC to publish past symposia papers since they were not easy to obtain. The ISMC responded to this request and in 2008 Volume 1 was published that included 44 papers of over 100 submitted from past presentations in symposia I through V; it was entitled Progress in Scale Modeling. Subsequently in 2015, Volume II was published; it included 24 papers from over 80 submitted for symposia VI and VII [1,2].

To cope with an increasing demand for more frequent publication of papers presented at the symposia, a special ISMC meeting was held in 2015 at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY, USA. Fifteen members of ISMC carefully assessed the need for a new journal focusing on scale modeling and concluded with a unanimous recommendation to the current Chair of ISMC, Kozo Saito at the University of Kentucky to create Progress in Scale Modeling, an International Journal (PSMIJ).

ISMC members made a commitment to provide researchers, students and users of scale modeling with timely communications of developments, results and discussions relating to useful applications of scale modeling because no journal currently exists that serves this purpose.


[1] K. Saito edited., Progress in Scale Modeling: Summary of the First International Symposium on Scale Modeling (ISSM in 1988) and Selected Papers from subsequent Symposia (ISSM II in 1997 through ISSM V in 2006), Springer Science+Business Media, B.V., 2008.
[2] K. Saito, A. Ito, Y. Nakamura and K. Kuwana Edited, Progress in Scale Modeling, Volume II, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2015.