Browse the contents of XVII(1993) New Zealand:

Session 7: Arid/Semi-Arid Zones
Session 8: Plant Growth
Session 9: Plant Resources
Session 10: Distinct Wet-Dry Seasonal Zones
Session 11: Plant Communities
Session 12: Plant Improvement
Session 13: Humid Subtropical and Tropical Zones
Session 14: Nutritive Value
Session 15: Technology Transfer and Education
Session 17: Winter Cold Zones
Session 18: Foraging Systems
Session 19: Information and Analytical Systems
Session 20: Socioeconomic Factors and Pastoral Systems
Session 21: Forage Management
Session 22: Invertebrate Pests, Plant Pathogens and Beneficial Organisms
Session 23: Grassland Production and Trade Issues
Session 24: New Zealand Farming Forum
Session 27: Molecular Biology- Tools for Plant Improvement
Session 28: Climate Change
Session 29: Molecular Biology- Forage Quality
Session 30: Climate Change- Predicting the Effects
Session 32: Molecular Biology- Resistance to Plant Disease and Pests
Session 33: Climate Change- Adapting the Systems
Session 34: Molecular Biology- Microbe Symbiosis
Session 35: Climate Change- Grasslands Role
Session 37: Grasslands System Development
Session 38: Soil Characteristics and Processes in Temperate Environments
Session 39: Plant-Related Toxins
Session 40: Soil Characteristics and Processes in Temperate Environments
Session 41: Intensive Temperate Zones
Session 42: Soil Characteristics and Processes in Humid Subtropical and Tropical Environments
Session 44: Winter Cold Temperate Rangelands- Problem Identification
Session 45: Achieving Potential Herbage Seed Yields
Session 46: Winter Cold Temperate Rangelands- Improving Strategies
Session 47: Herbage Seed Supplies in Developing Countries
Session 48: Winter Cold Temperate Rangelands- Maintenance and Restoration
Session 49: Harvesting and Processing of Herbage Seeds
Session 50: Winter Cold Temperate Rangelands- Integration of Pastoral and Non-Pastoral Uses
Session 51: Herbage Seed Quality
Session 52: Stability of Tropical and Subtropical Pastures
Session 53: Rockhampton Producers Forum- Managing Farms for Profit and Sustainability
Session 55: Feeding Animals in Subtropical and Tropical Forage Systems
Session 56: Silvopastoral Systems
Session 57: Biodiversity
Session 59: Advances in Tropical Legumes
Session 60: Ley Pastures- Arable Cropping Systems
Session 61: Deforestation
Session 62:Congress Outlook- A Vision for the Future