It is necessary to elucidate the decomposition and combustion of methane hydrate for fire safety during transportation and storage to utilize it for commercial practice. The amount of methane evolved during the decomposition of methane hydrates is affected by the conditions such as the initial temperature, initial density and ambient temperature. In the present study, the internal temperature of methane hydrate and the amount of methane evolved during its decomposition were investigated by a dimensionless numerical analysis using a transient one-dimensional conduction model from a symmetrical methane hydrate ball heated by ambient air. The numerically calculated central temperature and the mass of evolved methane were compared with corresponding experimental results, and good agreement was obtained. The Damköhler and the Biot numbers were identified as two important dimensionless parameters during the decomposition of methane hydrate; the time histories of the central temperature, the mass of evolved methane and the reaction rates were numerically investigated by changing these dimensionless numbers. Consequently, the effects of dimensionless numbers on the decomposition of methane hydrate were elucidated.

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