At the Crossroads of Literature and Technology / En la encrucijada entre literatura y tecnología

Letter from the Editors

The graduate students in the Department of Hispanic Studies at the University of Kentucky announce the publication of the third volume of Nomenclatura: Aproximaciones a los estudios hispánicos: “At the Crossroads of Literature and Technology.” In this volume you will find creative and academic contributions in English and Spanish from graduate students and early-career professors tackling the growing field that studies the interconnectivity of technology and literature. The authors therein attempt to answer the following defining questions:

  • How have changes in technology altered the way we identify with others and ourselves?
  • How do popular culture products reimagine the relationship between the body and technology?
  • What is the impact of blogs and other publishing platforms on Hispanic narrative forms?
  • Has technology opened the door to increased literary production or has it obstructed its creation?
As technology becomes more and more pervasive in our lives, we believe that academic and creative writing needs to analyze this subject and its implications in our lives in further detail. Not unlike the Hispanic discourse at the turn of the 20th century that dealt with the immense geopolitical and technological changes of the time, today our globalized world is in a similar epistemological turmoil. From full-length to micro blogs, social networks, and the constant and invasive technological surveillance, today is a time to rethink the ethics of societal interactions in new ways the past could not have imagined. We invite you to read and ponder the works in the third volume of Nomenclatura: Aproximaciones a los estudios hispánicos and we encourage you to consider publishing with us in future volumes.

Thank you,
Constantin C. Icleanu, Editor-in-Chief
María López-Soriano, Managing Editor



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