This lesson was developed for students preparing to enter professional practice who were assigned to write and/or illustrate a technical howto manual on a topic of their choice (how to put on ski boots, draw blood, use a fitness tracking app, etc.). The teaching librarian conducts a class session on finding and creating images to illustrate the manuals and teaches differences between using copyrighted and non-copyrighted images. The students work on finding images in the public domain, creating their own images, and incorporating copyrighted images via Creative Commons licenses and the principle of fair use. Librarians can teach this lesson with students who have been assigned to write or illustrate a how-to manual by a course instructor. Alternatively, librarians can assign illustrating a how-to manual as their own standalone project to use in any image use instruction session as a way to make finding and illustrating with images relevant to a real-world, professional practice.

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Published in Fair Use in the Visual Arts: Lesson Plans for Librarians. Alexander Watkins, Bridget Madden, Alexandra Provo, Danielle Reay, & Anna Simon, (Eds.). p. 102-114, 190-201.

The appendix (p. 190-201) for this book chapter is included in the downloadable file.

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