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Dr. Jodi L Southerland


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Dr. Jodi L Southerland

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-8092-7126

Author Area of Expertise

Dr. Jodi L Southerland: Public Health, Rural Aging, Health Equity

Teresa Buttry: Nonprofit Sector, Community Engagement

Connie Johnson: Nonprofit Sector, Community Engagement

Sheldon Livesay: Nonprofit Sector, Community Engagement, Social Determinants of Health

Lisa Nichols: Nonprofit Sector, Community Engagement, Social Determinants of Health

Priscilla Rogers: Nonprofit Sector, Gerontology, Community Engagement, Social Determinants of Health


In March 2021, grassroots leaders in two counties in northeast Tennessee formed a new network called Connections. Leaders are working to strengthen the capacity of the network and member organizations by promoting partnerships as vital to address effectively rural social determinants of health. Connections provides network members with capacity-building tools and resources, including two funding opportunities, to achieve their missions and sustain impact. Network members are also aligning around common goals to address the socioeconomic conditions affecting health outcomes. Connections will utilize findings from network activities and collaborations to identify synergies that can accelerate improvements in community health and well-being.



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Southerland JL, Buttry T, Johnson C, Livesay S, Nichols L, Rogers P. Connections Network: harnessing the collective influence of grassroots leaders to address health-related problems in Hawkins and Hancock County, Tennessee. J Appalach Health 2022;4(3):111–114. DOI: https://doi.org/10.13023/jah.0403.08.