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Lauri Andress


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Lauri Andress, MPH, JD, PhD

ORC ID 0000-0001-8326-9635

Assistant Professor, Health Policy, Management & Leadership

School of Public Health. West Virginia University



Keri Valentine Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

Department of Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

West Virginia University


As the website Understanding and Dismantling Racism: Crowdsourcing a Pathway Model in Appalachia explains, we are seeking assistance in refining a pathway model that elucidates institutional racism from the unique standpoint of Appalachia. We think that Appalachia has a distinctive cultural toolkit that shapes its orientation on issues. Our goal is to use crowdsourcing to harness this unique Appalachian ethos to refine the Pathway model on Institutional Racism based on comments, edits, questions, and ideas left on the website.



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Andress L, Valentine K. Appalachia: Putting the “Critical” in Race and Crowdsourcing a Pathway Model on Institutional Racism. J Appalach Health 2021;3(3):1–6. DOI: https://doi.org/10.13023/jah.0303.01