Rural counties in Tennessee, including those located in Appalachia, face some of the greatest health challenges in the nation. Unpublished data collated by the East Tennessee State University College of Public Health (ETSU) show that Tennessee’s 52 Appalachian counties vary dramatically from its 43 non-Appalachian counties in virtually all socioeconomic, behavioral, and health outcome metrics. Since 2011, the Tennessee Institute of Public Health (TNIPH) has actively encouraged local communities to address behavior change, enhance educational achievement, and improve economic conditions as essential components for improving health and well-being in rural Tennessee.



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Kidwell G, Bowers K, Dula TM, Wykoff RF. Using mini-grants to build multi-sector partnerships in rural Tennessee. J Appalach Health 2019;1(2):74-9. DOI: https://doi.org/10.13023/jah.0102.08