The MUSE Project at The Johns Hopkins University

The Editorial Team of the Journal of Appalachian Health is pleased to announce its enrollment with The MUSE Project at The Johns Hopkins University:

Project MUSE features:

  1. A state-of-the-art mobile-friendly and accessible platform with full text retrieval, advanced search features, and user personalization
  2. A content corpus of journals and books from over 320 nonprofit scholarly publishers
  3. Integration of books and journals, gated and open access, with no silos for OA content
  4. The newest and most robust Google tagging requirements, which allow MUSE content to be discoverable in Google and Google Scholar
  5. Dozens of linking and discovery partners to make sure MUSE content, including open access, is fully covered in library knowledge bases and discovery systems
  6. An interactive usage tool with graphics and downloadable, granular reports
  7. Marketing and promotion of publisher’s content and brands at meetings, on social media and more