Editor-in-Chief: Randy Wykoff, MD, MPH & TM, East Tennessee State University
Senior Associate Editor: Erin Haynes, DrPH, MS, University of Kentucky
Managing Editor: Rachel E. Dixon, MPhil
Media & Marketing Coordinator: Bradley Firchow, MD Candidate, University of Kentucky

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The Journal of Appalachian Health (“JAH”) is a fully peer-reviewed, open-access journal centered on the health and well-being of people living in the 13-state, 423-county region of Appalachia—and in other resource-limited settings. The Journal is available without charge to authors and readers, who are welcome to use the information within it to improve well-being across the region and in comparable regions across the globe. We work from within the region to publish information by and for the people of Appalachia.

Founded in 2019, JAH was the culmination of efforts by Doug Scutchfield, Charlotte Seidman, Erin Haynes, Robert Shapiro, and others to create the first peer-reviewed outlet focused specifically on public health issues affecting the people of Appalachia.

Today, the Journal welcomes timely research, media reviews, commentary, and other pieces covering health-impacting topics and practical work to promote well-being in the Appalachian Region (and in comparable regions). JAH encourages submissions from academics, students, and practitioners alike to build a robust and interdisciplinary hub of the latest peer-reviewed research and evidence-based good practice. To begin a submission, please visit our submissions page.

A Gold Open Access (Gold OA) journal, JAH is published under the Creative Commons (CC) Attribution license CC BY 4.0 International, which means that all users are free to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format; and can remix, transform, and build on the material for any purpose. This CC license requires that you provide attribution by giving appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if any changes have been made.

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Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 3 (2023)


Research Articles


High-risk Individuals and Naloxone Use: Implications for THN Programs in Rural Appalachian Communities
Victor Garcia, Lisa McCann, Erick Lauber, Christian Vaccaro, Melissa Swauger, and Alex Daniel Heckert


Disparities in Mortality Between Appalachian and non-Appalachian Regions of Kentucky
Sonali S. Salunkhe, Sahal Alzahrani, and Beatrice Ugiliweneza


Factors Associated with COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in South Central Appalachia
Florence M. Weierbach, Rebecca Adkins Fletcher, Ingrid E. Luffman, cynthia meyer, Janet M. Keener, Manik Ahuja, and Hadii M. Mamudu

Review and Special Articles


Assessing and Addressing the Determinants of Appalachian Population Health: A Scoping Review
David L. Driscoll, Hannah O'Donnell, Maitri Patel, and David C. Cattell-Gordon

Media Reviews and Reports