Editor-in-Chief: F. Douglas Scutchfield, MD, University of Kentucky
Senior Associate Editor: Erin Haynes, DrPH, MS, University of Kentucky
Associate Editor: Erin Bouldin, MPH, PhD, Appalachian State University
Associate Editor: Tim Marema, MA, The Daily Yonder
Director of Knowledge Management: Robert M. Shapiro, MALS, PhD, South East Area Health Education Center Medical Library
Editor of Media Reviews and Reports: Jennifer Mallow, RN, FNP-BC, PhD, West Virginia University School of Nursing
Managing Editor: Charlotte S. Seidman, FNP, MHS, MPH, ELS

We Welcome Student Authors

As a new feature, the Journal of Appalachian Health will start publishing articles authored by students. These submissions will go through the standard review process, and those accepted for publication with have a notation indicating that the author is a student and his/her role, affiliation, and education venue. Each published article will include an acknowledgment of the faculty advisors, showing faculty involvement both as a quality-control mechanism and to recognize faculty who provide research training to students.

The students’ data will be put into our database, and they may be selected to peer review manuscripts in their area of expertise. This will support their training in the preparation and submissions of research reports as well as a recognition of the roles and responsibilities of research publications.

The Journal will recognize the outstanding student article with a prize at the end of each volume.

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The overall objective of the Journal of Appalachian Health (JAH) is to improve the health status of the population of Appalachia through the rapid dissemination of knowledge of their health problems and evidence-based solutions to them. JAH will provide actionable knowledge through an online, open access, easily accessible peer-reviewed process focused specifically on Appalachia. JAH is available without charge to authors or readers, including those in the region who can and will use it in their work, whether in a healthcare or a non-healthcare field that has the potential for modification of factors that contribute to poor health.

The Journal of Appalachian Health is a Gold Open Access (Gold OA) journal, published under the Creative Commons (CC) Attribution license CC BY 4.0 International, which means that all users are free to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format; and can remix, transform, and build on the material for any purpose. This CC license requires that you provide attribution by giving appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if any changes have been made.

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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2021)


Research Articles


Impact of the COVID-19 Shutdown on Mental Health in Appalachia by Working Status
Erin N. Haynes, Timothy J. Hilbert, Susan C. Westneat, Kate Leger, Katie Keynton, and Heather M. Bush


Cancer Curriculum for Appalachian Kentucky Middle and High Schools
Lauren Hudson, Katherine Sharp, Chris Prichard, Melinda J. Ickes, Sahar Alameh, and Nathan L. Vanderford

Media Reviews and Reports

Notes from the Field