The study was conducted to evaluate the influences of tall fescue management on soil organic matter fractions and macro- and microaggregate distribution. Soil samples were collected from four paired adjacent fields consisting of five years of tall fescue mono and poly stands in Western Kentucky. Soil samples from 0 to 15 cm and 15 to 30 cm soil depths were analyzed for soil organic C and N, particulate organic matter C (POM-C) and N (POM-N), macro- and micro aggregate distribution and C-associated with macro- and micro- aggregates. Significant effects were observed between stands for all the properties, except total C, microaggregates and C-associated with microaggregates. Sampling depth significantly influenced total C and N in both stands. Particulate organic matter C and N and C-associated with macroaggregates and the amount of macroaggregates were strongly affected by tall fescue management. This confirmed the hypothesis that early changes in soil properties were reflected in labile C and N fractions and soil structure. Tall fescue mixture stands had 44% higher POM-C, 50% higher POM-N, 26% more macroaggregates and 33% more C-associated with macroaggregates compared to the tall fescue mono stands at the soil surface of 0 to 15 cm.

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Published in International Journal of Soil Science, v. 5, no. 1, p. 1-10.

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