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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Plant and Soil Sciences

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Dr. Gregg Munshaw


Physical and chemical properties of non-composted spent coffee (CF) and tea (T) suggest they may have applications as soil amendments for improving poor soils. Studies were conducted to determine 1) the effect of amendments on grass growth and soil properties, 2) the effect of incorporation versus surface application of amendments on soil properties, and 3) the effect of amendment application frequency on grass growth and soil properties. In the first study, amendments were mixed with sand and planted to bermudagrass. Treatments included CF, T, and peat moss (PM) mixed with sand, and 100% sand as a control. In the second study, amendments were topdressed onto a sand base with different timings. Pots were either aerified or not. Treatments included T, CF, PM, and a control. Nutrient contents and soil CEC and OM under CF and T treatments were equivalent to or greater than PM treatments. Tea showed comparable grass cover to the PM treatment, while CF showed an inhibitory effect to grass growth in the first year of the study. Aerification showed no benefit. Additionally, a field study was conducted to evaluate CF and T on surface hardness, VWC, and quality after trafficking. Differences were not observed among treatments.

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