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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis




Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Dr. Jeffery Talbert


Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention (PrEP) is heavily under-utilized in transgender youth, a population which experiences high risk factors for contracting HIV and exhibits unique barriers to care. This retrospective study used a secondary data analysis of survey results from transgender youth between 16-and 24-years-old to analyze various exposures for association with PrEP use. It was hypothesized that medical gender affirming therapy, mental health care treatment, and HIV programming would be independently associated with increased use of PrEP in transgender youth. It was found that only HIV prevention services and programming related to HIV or gender identity were associated with an increased use of PrEP. Results indicate that HIV-and transgender-focused services outside of general primary care are the best way to improve PrEP access in this population.

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