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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts


Music Performance

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Dr. Everett McCorvey

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Dr. Angelique Clay


Ecuador is a pluricultural and multilingual territory with four natural regions, several musical genres, and interpretations. Amazon, Galápagos, Mountain Range, and Coastal region. In the following dissertation, the author develops concepts of four traditional rhythms, their composers, and harmonic and phonetic characteristics from the mountain range region of his homeland, Ecuador.

The present document is a descriptive study of vocal Andean music and the application of the operatic style in classical vocal technique for performance practice.

The dissertation will support a lecture recital to fulfill the doctoral program's requirement in voice performance from the University of Kentucky.

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This study was supported by the University of Kentucky, OperaLex, and Dr. Everett McCorvey.