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Master of Music (MMUS)

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Master's Thesis


Fine Arts



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Alaine Reschke Hernandez

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Olivia Yinger, Martina Vasil


Research on the severe and profound intellectually disabled adult population is sparse due to several factors including difficulty in acquiring consent for research, lack of funding, and difficulty in interpreting behavioral responses. Music therapists providing services to this population are faced with sparse resources to guide evidence-based practice with severe and profound intellectually disabled (ID) adults. It is vital to document how seasoned professionals work with this population effectively to improve the evidence base for music therapists. This project used a multiple case study approach. Four music therapists provided an in-depth exploration of their clinical wisdom from years of working with the severe and profound ID adult population. Interview information was analyzed and coded to provide a depth of information to inform music therapy clinical practice. The emerging themes delivered a wealth of information including practice techniques, instrument and music choice and adaptation, suggested goals and objectives, and how to observe and interpret behavioral communication. This study assists in advancing the available resources on work with this population as it pertains to the clinical wisdom of experienced practitioners.

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University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts Student Creative Activity/Research Support

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