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Master's Thesis


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Dr. Scott Wright


Data was analyzed from a survey of collegiate clarinet students and professors concerning student and faculty preferences and perceptions concerning the cultivation of a positive collegiate clarinet studio environment. Over two hundred respondents indicated preferences for the structure of individual lessons and studio class.

The data indicated it is essential that the professor adapt their teaching to individual students during lesson instruction. Goals should be recorded, a verbal agreement alone is insufficient. Contact information for all studio colleagues should be available, and the professor should be accessible should the need arise. Large ensemble concert attendance should be encouraged, and recital attendance prioritized for both studio colleagues and the professor. Students should engage in informal bonding activities throughout the academic year, including events such as studio parties. Collaborations with peers in chamber ensembles should be encouraged. Student feedback in studio class should be spoken directly, and the class should be instructed at the beginning of each semester on appropriate ways to give feedback. Finally, the professor should take an active role in building a supportive studio community and addressing conflict within the studio.

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