The Agriculture Library at the University of Kentucky has offered library instruction in some form for the past 23 years. The program began in 1974 with the Library Literacy program that offered on demand workshops, an undergraduate for-credit course, graduate workshops and programs to extension personnel. By 1988 the program had moved into a library literacy program that was proactive, provided individualized presentations, and provided a mix of electronic and paper sources. This program gave way to the information literacy program of 1994 which expanded target groups and collaborated with other areas. A shift in the teaching emphasis in the College of Agriculture changed the way that library instruction was offered to the undergraduate students. The information literacy program of 1994 emphasized the ability to use the information system in general. Another shift is occurring and we are now moving into information competency where the goal is that the user becomes fully competent in the appropriate system for the appropriate use. To accomplish this the programs must be user driven, flexible, and assessment must be done to measure effectiveness.

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