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William Chenault Smith, L.L.B.

Lexington, Kentucky

Keys, Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball, Student Council - 2, Kentuckian Staff, Mystic Thirteen, Henry Clay Law Society

-The Kentuckian, 1927

William Chenault Smith (November 4, 1905 - February 14, 1993) was born in Lexington, Kentucky to William C. Smith and Lillian Chenault Watts. Smith worked for the Imperial Oil Refining Company after graduation. Smith later worked in several positions for the Standard Oil Company of Kentucky including as a marketing assistant, a director, and assistant to the company's president. Smith himself became president of the company in 1957. He married three times--his wives were Willy Cromwell Coleman (m. 1927, w. 1934), Virginia Wilson (m. 1936, w. 1949), and Anna Fuller (m. ~1952).