Plenary, Keynote, and Summary Papers

The XXIV International Grassland Congress / XI International Rangeland Congress (Sustainable Use of Grassland and Rangeland Resources for Improved Livelihoods) takes place virtually from October 25 through October 29, 2021.
Proceedings edited by the National Organizing Committee of 2021 IGC/IRC Congress
Published by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization

XXIV International Grassland Congress /
XI International Rangeland Congress:
Plenary, Keynote, and Summary Papers

Exploring the Information Base Needed for Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources for Improved Livelihoods

K. I. Johnsen, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Norway
M. Niamir-Fuller
A. Bensada
A. Waters-Bayer

Sustainable Use of Grassland Resources for Improved Livelihoods

Liana Jank, EMBRAPA, Brazil
Cacilda Borges do Valle, EMBRAPA, Brazil
Rosangela Maria Simeão, EMBRAPA, Brazil
Roberto Giolo de Almeida, EMBRAPA, Brazil
Mateus Figueiredo Santos, EMBRAPA, Brazil
Sanzio Carvalho Barrios, EMBRAPA, Brazil

Forage Production and Utilisation: Forage Production for Improved On-Farm Wealth and Wellness

John Caradus, Grasslanz Technology Limited, New Zealand

Capacity, Institutions and Innovations for Sustainable Development in Rangelands/Grasslands

Jonathan Davies, International Union for Conservation of Nature

Ecological Science Infrastructure for Sustainability Transformations in Rangelands

Brandon T. Bestelmeyer, U.S. Department of Agriculture
J. E. Herrick, U.S. Department of Agriculture
J. R. Brown, U.S. Department of Agriculture
D. M. Browning, U.S. Department of Agriculture
B. Densambuu, Green Gold Mongolia, Mongolia
E. Elias, U.S. Department of Agriculture
S. E. McCord, U.S. Department of Agriculture
H. R. Peinetti, National University of La Pampa, Argentina
S. Spiegal, U.S. Department of Agriculture
N. P. Webb, U.S. Department of Agriculture
J. C. Williamson, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Pastoralism, Social, Gender, and Policy Issues

Nahid Naghizadeh, Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment, Iran

Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Rangelands: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

J. Waithaka, International Union for Conservation of Nature

Ruminant Livestock Production Systems and Imperatives for Sustainable Development

J. W. Smith, International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya

Joint International Grassland and International Rangeland Congress Kenya 2021: Grasslands Summary

James L. Klotz, USDA Agricultural Research Service
J. H. Bouton, University of Georgia

Key Issues Generated from the XI International Rangeland Congress 2021: Summary and Way Forward

D. L. Coppock, Utah State University
A. J. Ash, The University of Queensland, Australia
B. Irving, University of Alberta