Theme 33: Technology Transfer and Education

The XIX International Grassland Congress took place in São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil from February 11 through February 21, 2001.
Proceedings published by Fundacao de Estudos Agrarios Luiz de Queiroz

XIX International Grassland Congress:
Technology Transfer and Education

Map Based WWW Tool for Recommending Forage Species

M. H. Hall, Pennsylvania State University
D. A. Miller, Pennsylvania State University
J. H. Cherney, Cornell University

Developing a National Alfalfa Information System

David B. Hannaway, Oregon State University
K. J. Hannaway, Oregon State University
P. Sohn, Oregon State University
S. Griffith, Oregon State University
B. E. Avery, Oregon State University
E. Nowick, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
W. F. Wedin, University of Minnesota
L. R. Vough, University of Maryland
S. C. Bosworth, University of Vermont
Garry D. Lacefield, University of Kentucky
Gary E. Bates, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
D. Undersander, University of Wisconsin-Madison
N. P. Martin, U.S. Department of Agriculture
J. Caddel, Oklahoma State University
G. L. Kilgore, Kansas State University
S. B. Orloff, University of California
A. M. Gray, University of Wyoming
R. Ditterline, Montana State University
T. Griggs, Washington State University
D. H. Putnam, University of California, Davis
M. J. Ottman, University of Arizona

Kentucky Alfalfa Conference: A Team Approach to Alfalfa Education and Technology Transfer

Garry D. Lacefield, University of Kentucky
Monroe Rasnake, University of Kentucky
Christi L. Forsythe, University of Kentucky
Jimmy C. Henning, University of Kentucky
Bill Talley, Seedbiotics

Digestibility Estimates Based on a Grass Growth Model Are Distributed via Internet to Finnish Farmers

Marketta Rinne, Agricultural Research Centre, Finland
J. Nousiainen, Valio Ltd., Finland
I. Mattila, Agricultural Research Centre, Finland
H. Nikander, Agricultural Research Centre, Finland
P. Huhtanen, Agricultural Research Centre, Finland

Adoption and Influence: Industry Evaluation of the GrassGroTM Decision Support Tool

E. M. Salmon, CSIRO, Australia
A. D. Moore, CSIRO, Australia

Application of Municipal Biosolids to Bahiagrass Pasture: Trace Metals in Harvested Forage

R. M. Muchovej, University of Florida
J. E. Rechcigl, University of Florida

Results with Methods for Measuring Herbage Mass in Situ

G. Nagy, University of Debrecen, Hungary
I. Vinczeffy, University of Debrecen, Hungary
K. Petõ, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Grassland Landscape Design: Working with Land-Managers

C. J. Pearson, Bureau of Rural Sciences, Australia
R. K. Mann, Greenwich Group Pty Ltd., Australia
I. G. Mann, Greenwich Group Pty Ltd., Australia

On Farm Riparian Grazing Demonstration

J. T. Green Jr., North Carolina State University
M. H. Poore, North Carolina State University
S. P. Morgan, North Carolina State University

GIS-Based Forage Species Adaptation Mapping

David B. Hannaway, Oregon State University
C. Daly, Oregon State University
W. Gibson, Oregon State University
G. Taylor, Oregon State University
J. P. Bolte, Oregon State University
I. Sriprisan, Oregon State University
T. Griggs, Washington State University

Transforming Science into Practice

Janice Jiggins, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

Technology Transfer and Education Training and Extension in Grassland Farming

K. G. Rickert, University of Queensland, Australia