Submissions from 2017


A Community-Based Marketing Campaign at Farmers Markets to Encourage Fruit and Vegetable Purchases in Rural Counties with High Rates of Obesity, Kentucky, 2015-2016, Emily M. DeWitt, Margaret Louise McGladrey, Emily Liu, Nicole Rachael Peritore, Kelly H. Webber, Brooke F. Butterworth, Ann Vail, and Alison A. Gustafson

Submissions from 2013


Predictors of Online and Offline Sexual Activities and Behaviors Among Adolescents, Anna Ševčíková, Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Janelle Širůček, and Štěpán Konečný

Submissions from 2006


Depression, Sensation Seeking, and Maternal Smoking as Predictors of Adolescent Cigarette Smoking, Judy van de Venne, Kay Bradford, Catherine A. Martin, Megan Cox, and Hatim A. Omar