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Master of Science in Family Sciences (MSFS)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Family Sciences

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Dr. Donald Bruce Ross

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Dr. Nathan Wood


The Relationship of Self-Esteem on Pornography Viewership and Relationship Satisfaction in German Couples. The current study aimed to examine the relationship between husbands’ and wives’ perceptions of self-esteem and relationship satisfaction as mediated through the frequency of pornography viewership at the individual and dyadic level. Using the VSA model, this study utilized the pairfam dataset, which is a nationally representative German sample. Data from 369 participants were analyzed using three structural equation models; a combined male and female anchor model, a male only anchor model, and a female only anchor model. This current study found that males’ and females’ self-esteem was significantly related to higher levels of relationship satisfaction for themselves and for their partner. Males frequency of viewing pornography with their partner was associated with an increase in relationship satisfaction for their partner. Frequency of individually viewing pornography for females was found to be associated with a decrease in relationship satisfaction for their partner. Female self-esteem was associated with higher frequency of viewing pornography together with their partner. Overall, varying definitions of what pornography may be, the perceptions of pornography being viewed in the relationship, and the impact it has on couple relationships were explored.

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