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Master of Science in Family Sciences (MSFS)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Family Sciences

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Dr. Alexander T. Vazsonyi


The purpose of the current study was to examine and compare the quality of the mother-adolescent relationship, the prevalence of bullying and cyberbullying perpetration and victimization, and the prevalence of externalizing behaviors, as well as the relationship among these constructs, in a clinical and a nonclinical sample of adolescents. It tested a series of hypotheses focused on group differences in the mother-adolescent relationship, peer victimization, and externalizing behaviors (i.e. deviant behaviors and bullying perpetration) for the clinical and nonclinical samples. It also tested the relationships between the mother-adolescent relationship and peer victimization, deviant behaviors, and bullying perpetration, and whether these links varied in the clinical versus non-clinical samples. Multiple regressions were used to test the first three hypotheses, while path analyses were used to test the latter hypotheses. Findings provide evidence that adolescents in the clinical group reported significantly closer relationships with their mothers and lower levels of externalizing behaviors; no differences were found in the likelihood of experiencing peer victimization. Maternal support was a negative predictor of peer victimization, and maternal support and monitoring were negative predictors of deviant behaviors and bullying perpetration. These links were invariant across clinical versus non-clinical samples.

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