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A method for screening for a Tobiano genotype includes obtaining a nucleic acid from an equine animal, and analyzing the nucleic acid for the presence of an inversion in a chromosome ECA3q which is indicative of the genotype for Tobiano. The method includes detecting at least one of a telomeric breakpoint of an inverted ECA3q chromosome and/or a centromeric breakpoint of an inverted ECA3q chromosome. In one embodiment, the nucleic acid may be analyzed by the steps of hybridizing the group of probes or primers having the sequences set forth herein in SEQ ID NO:8, SEQ ID NO: 9, and SEQ ID NO: 10, or sequences complementary thereto, and preparing an amplification product. A 209 bp nucleic acid amplification product (SEQ ID NO:11) indicates the presence of the inversion.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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