• Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight: Native Warm-Season Grasses (NWSG): Naturally Adapted Productive Pastures
  • Nitrate Test Kits available - KY County Extension Offices
  • Featured Publication: Forage-Related Disorders in Cattle: Nitrate Poisoning (UK pub ID-217)
  • Forage News Quote of the Month: "Insanity: Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results"
  • Program and registration - KFGC Annual Field Day
  • Scott County Field Day Replaces Annual UK Equine Field Day for 2016
  • Dairymen and Horse Owners: Caution with rye straw
  • The Forage-Livestock Community Says Goodbye to a Forage Legend: Russell Hackley
  • Webinar on Hi-Gest® Low Lignin Alfalfa
  • New Holland Product Support Kits
  • Details on AFGC New Zealand Tour Signup

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