Lesson Goals

After this lesson, participants will:

  • Understand that obesity is a risk factor for many chronic diseases
  • Understand that weight control is achieved by balancing calories consumed with calories used
  • List three general sources of excess calories
  • Describe at least six low-fat cooking methods
  • Suggest at least five substitutions for lowering fat when cookingList at least three ways to reduce calories from sugar
  • List three dangers of high blood pressure
  • Explain how a diet high in fat increases risk of high blood pressure
  • List at least three risk factors for high blood pressure
  • Be able to tell what a normal blood pressure reading is
  • List at least four lifestyle habits that can affect blood pressure
  • Explain how the body uses food for energy
  • Describe how diabetes affects the body’s ability to use food for energy
  • List three early symptoms of diabetes
  • Explain the difference between Type I and Type II diabetes
  • List four techniques for eating to control diabetes
  • Define cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • Explain what causes a heart attack
  • Explain what causes a stroke
  • List at least five risk factors for CVD that are controllable
  • Understand the importance of knowing their fasting blood sugar, blood cholesterol and blood pressure

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