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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Master's Thesis




Early Childhood Ed

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Dr. Collin Shepley


The Montessori method is a multi-sensory curriculum design based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s observations of the positive outcomes a multi-sensory educational approach had when working with children with disabilities; however, there is little empirical data to support the outcomes of using the Montessori method to teach children with disabilities. Despite the limited amount of quantitative research on the Montessori method and early childhood special education, studies suggest Montessori educators are open to professional development on working with children with disabilities and are willing to implement other methods to provide support for those children while still maintaining the integrity of the Montessori philosophy (Danner & Fowler, 2015; Long, Ferranti, & Westerman, 2022). Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific approach to understanding behavior and serves as part of the foundation for developmentally appropriate practice in special education behavioral interventions; however, despite the evidence-based practices in ABA there are misconceptions about this approach among those in the Montessori community that impact its accessibility and use as an evidence-based practice to instruct children with disabilities in Montessori early childhood classrooms. This research examines the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s BCBA Task List, the Association of Montessori International's position statement on the Montessori method’s core components, and the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education’s position statement on core components of Montessori practice to identify similarities in practice between ABA and the Montessori method. Identifying similarities in practice could serve as a potential foundation for further investigation on (a.) the efficacy of implementing ABA interventions in a Montessori early childhood setting, and (b.) the efficacy of incorporating elements of a Montessori prepared environment into ABA clinical settings and self-contained special education classrooms.

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