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Year of Publication


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Carol Thompson

Clinical Mentor

Janine Lindgreen

Committee Member

Dr. Melanie Hardin-Pierce


Central venous catheters, also known as central lines, serve an essential role in critical care settings across the globe. However, these lines put patients at an increased risk for hospital-acquired infections in the form of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI). In an effort to prevent these infections, evidence-based nursing interventions in the form of insertion and maintenance bundle are undertaken. It is the focus of this practice inquiry project to evaluate nurse adherence to central line insertion bundles before and after implementation of routine reporting of adherence rates within an ICU. The evaluation will provide insight to the degree of adherence to best practices during central line insertion, if routine monitoring and reporting of adherence rates affects adherence, and help guide future quality improvement projects for CLABSI prevention. This practice inquiry project includes three manuscripts each discussing central line insertion bundle practices and their effect on CLABSI’s as well as strategies to improve bundle adherence and decrease CLABSI rates.