Previous studies indicate that repetition is affected in primary progressive aphasia (PPA), particularly in the logopenic variant, due to limited auditory-verbal short-term memory (avSTM). We tested repetition of phrases varied by length (short, long) and meaning (meaningful, non-meaningful) in 58 participants (22 logopenic, 19 nonfluent, and 17 semantic variants) and 21 healthy controls using a modified Bayles repetition test. We evaluated the relation between cortical thickness and repetition performance and whether sub-scores could discriminate PPA variants.

Logopenic participants showed impaired repetition across all phrases, specifically in repeating long phrases and any phrases that were non-meaningful. Nonfluent, semantic, and healthy control participants only had difficulty repeating long, non-meaningful phrases. Poor repetition of long phrases was associated with cortical thinning in left temporo-parietal areas across all variants, highlighting the importance of these areas in avSTM. Finally, Bayles repetition phrases can assist classification in PPA, discriminating logopenic from nonfluent/semantic participants with 89% accuracy.

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Published in Brain and Language, v. 194.

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This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health (M.L.GT., NINDS R01 NS050915, NIDCD K24 DC015544; NIA U01 AG052943; M.H., R01DC016291–02; B.L.M., NIA P50 AG03006, NIA P50 AG023501, NIA P01 AG019724; N.D. NIDCD RO1 DC016345); State of California (M.L.GT., DHS04–35516); Alzheimer’s Disease Center of California (B.L.M., 03–75271 DHS/ADP/ARCC); John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation (B.L.M.); Koret Family Foundation; The Bluefield Project to Cure Frontotemporal Dementia (B.L.M.); and McBean Family Foundation (B.L.M.).

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