Tractor overturns continue to be the leading cause of death on U.S. farms. While rollover protective structures (ROPS) are effective in preventing these fatalities, they are underutilized due to a number of barriers. Past programs in the U.S. and abroad have targeted this area of agricultural safety; however, a national program is not yet in place for U.S. farmers. This study seeks to build a national partnership to address tractor overturn fatalities by increasing the number of tractors with ROPS. A diverse, multisector steering committee has been organized and is working together using Whole System in a Room methods. This method brings together partners from nine stakeholder groups to identify and commit to a collaborative solution to the issue.

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Published in Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, v. 21, no. 2, p. 105-112.

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The authors would like to thank the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for support of this project (Grant No. 5R21OH009796-02), as well as the members of the National Tractor Safety Coalition for their contributions to this project.