This study examined the effect of exogenous mixed-enzyme supplementation (xylanase, β-glucanase, and pectinase) to a corn-SBM (CS) and a wheat-CS-based (WCS) diet in birds challenged with coccidia vaccine (Coccivac B-52™). The WCS-based diet was produced by replacing 30% of the energy-yielding portions of the CS-based diet with wheat. On day 14, 448 (n = 7) Cobb by-product breeder male broilers were assigned to a 2 (diet types) × 2 (with or without enzyme supplementation) × 2 (0 or 20 × coccidia vaccine challenge; CVC) factorial arrangement of treatments in a completely randomized design for the determination of the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) value of wheat. Treatment effects on jejunum digesta viscosity and AME corrected for nitrogen (AMEn) of the diets were evaluated within each diet type as a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement of treatments, 7- and 14-day post-challenge. Seven-day post-challenge (day 21), dry matter (DM) and energy utilization, AME, and AMEn of the CS- and WCS-based diets decreased (p < 0.05) with CVC. Both AME and AMEn of wheat decreased (p < 0.05) by about a 20% in CVC-birds 7-day post-challenge. Enzyme and CVC resulted in a decrease (p < 0.05) in jejunal digesta viscosity in birds fed the CS-based diets, while there was an interaction (p < 0.05) between CVC and enzyme, with enzyme lowering (p < 0.05) the viscosity of digesta 7-day post-challenge. Results from this study showed that CVC resulted in a 20% decrease in AMEn 7-day post-challenge, while the interaction between exogenous enzyme supplementation and CVC resulted in an improvement in nitrogen utilization (~6%) in CVC birds fed the corn-SBM-based diet 7-days post challenge.

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Published in Animals, v. 11, issue 3, 641.

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