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The Tomb of Etmad-un-doula Itmad ud Daula is a mausoleum that overlooks the River Yamuna and is a tomb of Mir Ghiyas Beg, (later given the title Itmad-ud-daula) a minister in the court of Mughal emperor Jahangir and father of his wife Noor Jahan who ordered the tomb built at his death in 1622. It is believed to be the first tomb in India that is entirely made out of marble. The white marble walls of the tomb are encrusted with semi-precious stones including cornelian, jasper, lapis lazuli, onyx, and topaz formed into images such as cypress trees, cut fruit or vases containing bouquets. The interior decoration is considered have inspired that of the Taj Mahal, built by Noor Jahan’s stepson Shah Jahan.

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