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Language: Arabic

Date: Hijri calendar (circa 1032); Gregorian calendar (circa 1623 AD)

UK Special Collections Arabic Script Codex #5

This book of Islamic law, written by the 14th century Hanafi jurist Abdullah Ibn Masood Al-Bukhari Al-Hanafi, also known as Sadr Al-Shari’a (d. 1346 AD), addresses personal and societal rites and issues such as funerals, orphans, and charity, as well as religious matters including prayer and fasting. Sadr Al-Shari’a was a religious scholar and astronomer, known for both his theories of time and place and his commentary on Islamic jurisprudence. Featured pages are the index and a segment from the manuscript with copious annotations.

The 20-centimeter manuscript is comprised of 228 leaves and is bound in brown leather with a gilt embossed medallion adorning its cover flap.

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Middle East, Calligraphic manuscripts, Islamic law


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