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This garment is a simpler version of two golpes but of the same pattern sewn on black velvet. This is a very common design for the Istmeñas (women of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec). This huipil could be worn for fiestas with a skirt with the same designs and colors. This huipil was a gift to Dr. Monica Udvardy by the wife of the current mayor of Tehuantepec.

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Huipil from the collection of Dr. Monica Udvardy. Photo taken by the University of Kentucky Libraries.


Tehuantepec: Small town with a Big Heart

"These huipiles may be simpler in design than the others, but their story is richer. In December, 2012, Anthropology professor Monica Udvardy accompanied Oaxacan expert Professor Francie Chassen-López to the small Oaxacan town of Tehuantepec. Udvardy purchased an intricately embroidered huipil but inadvertently left it in a taxi. Despite alerts of its loss on local radio, no huipil was found. But an hour before departing for the USA, the wife of Tehuantepec's mayor appeared at our door. She insisted upon a gift to me of not one, but two of her very own huipiles! Now that is a small town with a big heart. I will cherish them always!"

Dr. Monica Udvardy, Department of Anthropology

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