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For U.S. and UN soldiers fighting the Korean War, the spring of 1951 was brutal. The troops faced a tough and determined foe under challenging conditions. The Chinese Spring Offensive of 1951 exemplified the hardships of the war, as the UN forces struggled with the Chinese troops over Line Kansas, a phase line north of the 38th parallel, in a conflict that led to the war's final stalemate. This book explores the UN responses to the offensive in detail, looking closely at combat from the perspectives of platoons, squads, and the men themselves. The book emphasizes the tactical operations on the front lines and examines U.S. and UN strategy, as well as the operations of the Communist Chinese and North Korean forces. It employs a variety of sources, including interviews conducted by U.S. Army historians within hours or days of combat, unit journals, and after action reports, to deliver a comprehensive narrative of the offensive and its battles. This book highlights the experiences of individual soldiers, providing unique insights into the chaos, perseverance, and heroism of war. The interviews offer a firsthand account that is untainted by nostalgia and later literature, illuminating the events that unfolded on the battlefields of Korea.

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The University Press of Kentucky

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Lexington, KY




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Korean War, Soldiers, Combat, Platoon, Chinese Offensive, 1951, United Nations


Military History | United States History

Passing the Test: Combat in Korea, April-June 1951
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