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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Master's Thesis




STEM Education

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Dr. Rebecca Krall


While the call for STEM and engineering design has increased since the release of the Next Generation Science Standards, the implementation of STEM in elementary grades has been slow. A variety of factors play a role in why educators, schools, or districts make the informed decisions they do regarding curriculum and instruction. Identifying strengths and challenges elementary educators face in implementing STEM into the curriculum can guide schools and districts in creating supports for increasing STEM in the elementary grades. This study sought to create and test a survey instrument for use with elementary educators in a large urban district in the southeastern US. The instrument was designed to examine elementary educators’ perceptions regarding STEM education, specifically analyzing how educators feel regarding their own preparation and confidence in teaching STEM. These findings focus on the specific district in question to gain understandings of what is happening in the schools. Analysis of district provided materials, resources available to educators, Professional Development opportunities, as well as honest feedback on challenges and obstacles that educators face are investigated. This study shows a glimpse of what is happening in some elementary schools within this district.

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