A Comparison of the Social Status and Social Behavior of Aggressive and Aggressive/Withdrawn Boys


The purpose of this study was to clarify contradictory findings concerning the social status of aggressive youngsters. This was undertaken by dividing kindergarten boys into either Aggressive [A] or Aggressive/Withdrawn [A/W] groups, as proposed by Ledingham [1981]. Both groups were found to be high on peer-nominated rejection, but the A group was also high on peer-nominated popularity while the A/W group was low. Similarly, both groups were observed to be high in negative peer interactions, but the A group was also high in positive interactions. It was noted that valuable information regarding the social status and social behavior of aggressive youngsters would be lost if such subgrouping is not undertaken. The relationship between Ledingham''s categorizations and others reported in the literature was discussed.

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Dr. Milich was at the University of Iowa when this article was originally published.

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DOI: 10.1007/BF00910668