A Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis of Variance of Teachers' Ratings of Aggression, Hyperactivity, and Inattention


The convergent and discriminant validities of three teacher rating scale measures of the traits of hyperactivity, aggression, and inattention were explored, using the multitrait-multimethod matrix approach of Campbell and Fiske (1959), as well as an analysis of variance procedure (Stanley, 1961). In the present study teachers rated children from their elementary school classrooms on the above traits. The results provided strong evidence for convergent validity. Data also indicated that these traits can be reliably differentiated by teachers, suggesting that research aimed at better understanding the unique contributions of hyperactivity, aggression, and inattention is warranted. The respective benefits of analyzing multitrait-multimethod matrices by employing the ANOVA procedure or by using the Campbell and Fiske (1959) criteria were discussed.

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Dr. Milich was at the University of Iowa when the article was originally published.

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