Many Kentucky farmers plan to sow alfalfa in early spring on a prepared seed bed. A main objective is to avoid or reduce most of the damage of alfalfa weevil on the first-year crops . Eptam 6 E sprayed on the prepared seed bed at rate of 2 quarts in 10 to 20 gallons of water per acre and disked in 3-4 inches deep right behind the sprayer usually gives good control of annual grass weeds and some control of broadleaf weeds as well. A second disking, crosswise to the first, is needed for thorough mixing of the herbicide with the soil. After smoothing the seedbed, alfalfa may be seeded at once . Grass seed should not be sowed with the alfalfa, as it is likely to be killed by the EPTC. The grass may be drill-seeded in the established alfalfa in early or mid-October. Do not seed a small grain nurse crop with the alfalfa on EPTC treated land.

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