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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Plant Pathology

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Dr. Michael M. Goodin


Potato yellow dwarf virus (PYDV) is the type species of the genus nucleorhabdovirus which is typified by its nucleotropic characters of the members. The virus accomplishes its replication and morphogenesis in the nuclei of infected cells. Two strains, Constricta strain (CYDV) and Sanguinolenta strain (SYDV) have been described at the level of vector-specificity. CYDV is vectored by Agallia constricta and SYDV is transmitted by Aceratagllia sanguinolenta. The full-length genome of CYDV was sequenced. The 12,792 nt antisense genome encodes seven open reading frames in the order of, nucleocapsid protein (N), unknown protein (X), phosphoprotein (P), movement protein (Y), matrix protein (M), glycoprotein (G), and large polymerase protein (L). The features of each protein including a nuclear localization signal, isoelectric point, and transmembrane domain, were determined by predictive algorithms. The gene coding region was flanked by leader and trailer, and each ORF was separated by a conserved intergenic junction. In the intergenic junctions, the highly conserved cis-regulatory elements, polyadenylation signal, gene spacer, and transcription start site, were identified. The similarities of amino acid sequences between each cognate protein of SYDV and CYDV were higher than 80% except for X and P proteins. The protein localization and interaction assays of each CYDV protein identified strain-specific associations in comparison with those of SYDV and generated unique protein interaction and localization map compared to SYDV. Phylogenetic analysis using L protein identified that CYDV forms a clade with other leafhopper-transmitted rhabdoviruses. Protein sequence comparisons revealed that CYDV X has greater similarity to the cognate protein of Eggplant mottle disease virus than to SYDV X. The localization patterns of CYDV-N and -Y were different compared the cognate proteins of SYDV. The functional nuclear export domain of SYDV M was identified using c-terminal fragments of the Mwt(aa 211-243), MLL223AA(aa 211-243), and MKR225AA(aa 211-243). Based on the data, the functional domains M mediating membrane association, nuclear import and export were mapped for both strains and suggested a model whereby M mediates intra- and intercellular movement of PYDV nucleocapsid.

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