We report the first measurement of target single spin asymmetries (AN) in the inclusive hadron production reaction, e+3Heh+X, using a transversely polarized 3He target. The experiment was conducted at Jefferson Lab in Hall A using a 5.9-GeV electron beam. Three types of hadrons (π±, K±, and proton) were detected in the transverse hadron momentum range 0.54 <pT< 0.74 GeV/c. The range of xF for pions was −0.29 <xF< −0.23 and for kaons was −0.25 <xF< −0.18. The observed asymmetry strongly depends on the type of hadron. A positive asymmetry is observed for π+ and K+. A negative asymmetry is observed for π. The magnitudes of the asymmetries follow ∣∣Aπ|<|Aπ+|<|AK+∣∣. The K and proton asymmetries are consistent with zero within the experimental uncertainties. The π+ and π asymmetries measured for the 3He target and extracted for neutrons are opposite in sign with a small increase observed as a function of pT.

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Published in Physical Review C: Nuclear Physics, v. 89, article 042201(R), p. 1-6.

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