The paper aims to contribute to integrated discussion of ethics in holistic healthcare. Methods: Noting key aspects of the literature on ethics in holistic healthcare, the authors then focus on describing the working ethical statement for holistic healthcare practitioners produced for the International Society of Holistic Health (ISHH). Ethical principles, aims of holistic practice, and ethical guidelines are presented. The relationship of ethics to quality of care is outlined. Conclusions: The authors conclude that many of the ethical principles and guidelines, as well as expectations of quality and safety, that apply to mainstream healthcare, also apply to holistic practitioners. However, the multidisciplinary contexts of whole-of-patient healthcare present new challenges of application of these familiar ethical understandings.

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Published in Child Health and Human Development Yearbook - 2008. Joav Merrick, (Ed.). p. 25-32.

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Reprinted as an article in International Journal of Child Health and Human Development, v. 1, issue 1, p. 23-28.

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