Proteomic Analysis of Human Sural Nerve


Proteomic Analysis of Human Sural Nerve

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Craig G. van Horne:

Monica Chau:

Jorge E. Quintero:


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A proteomic analysis, using mass spectrometry and immunoassays, of the human peripheral nervous system's response to a transection injury. We obtained, from the same participants, the protein levels in freshly cut and degenerating human sural nerve tissue.

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Temporal Coverage

2017 to 2020

Funding Information

University of Kentucky Neuroscience Research Priority Area Award, Ann Hanley Parkinson’s Research Fund, University of Kentucky College of Medicine BRAIN Alliance grant

Related Content

Chau, M. J., Quintero, J. E., Blalock, E., Samaan, C., Gerhardt, G., & van Horne, C. (2021). Transection injury differentially alters the proteome of the human sural nerve [Preprint]. Neuroscience.

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van Horne, C. G., Chau, M., & Quintero, J. E. (2022). Single nucleus RNA sequencing of human sural nerve injury. UKnowledge Neuroscience Research Data.

Proteomic Analysis of Human Sural Nerve