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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Fine Arts



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James Campbell


The music of Alejandro Viñao is driven primarily by rhythm rather than traditional classical music components such as melody, harmony, and formal structures. As such, this focus on rhythm showcases the innovation of multiple time, defined as the musical simulation of various meters and tempi. Pioneered by Conlon Nancarrow, this rhythmic innovation is identified within Water (2013).

The purpose of this dissertation is to provide insight and analysis of the specific musical characteristics of Viñao’s compositional style. These characteristics include the use of rhythmic grooves, attractors, echo effect, tenuto markings, Euclidean rhythms, and water imagery. Once this analysis has been completed, this dissertation then highlights the necessary practicalities of performance by discussing aspects such as conducting, rehearsal preparation, setup configuration, mallet considerations, and the technical aspects of performing bongos and congas.

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