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Doctor of Music (DM)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Dr. Elizabeth Arnold

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Dr. Angelique Clay


Transitioning from one gender to another can be an arduous and emotionally charged experience, accompanied by many physical and mental transformations. The journey of self-discovery and vocal explorations is both unique and deeply personal. Modifications that emerge in an individual's vocal characteristics have a profound influence on their capacity to communicate and express themselves.

Transgender vocal students and professional singers must navigate the delicate balance between their vocal and gender identities while considering the possible risks of Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy. Though these therapies may significantly alter one's appearance and overall well-being, they are also capable of causing notable declines in vocal performance qualities. Voice teachers must be mindful of these challenges while establishing an encouraging and supportive environment.

This document seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding into the effects of gender-affirming hormone therapies on transgender voice students. Providing recommendations for both vocal instructors and transgender voice students, including vocal techniques, exercises, and emotional support.

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